About SocialJustice.Engineering

The toolset of engineering is incredibly powerful. It has completely overhauled the ways in which we interact with each other, the world, and ourselves.

But in our furor to build and implement, we have normalized neglecting reflecting upon a very important question:

Why do we engineer?

When we begin to face this question, we rapidly find we lack well-defined terminology, coherent models, and shared contextual knowledge, all of which is absolutely necessary to answer this question. This blog will thus focus on 4 key tasks:

  1. Enriching our models of societal dynamics and of engineering’s current and historic role in those dynamics.
  2. Interrogating often-unquestioned assumptions in STEM culture.
  3. Proposing potential newly-possible applications of extant engineering skills in pursuit of different, novel goals.
  4. Reorienting engineering practices to better contribute to a healthier society.

We’ve so very much to do, and no time to wait.

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About Hani Awni
Interdisciplinary biotechnologist focused on engineering for social justice, developing a sociotechnical infrastructure for community autonomy in the 21st century, and facilitating self-directed radical neurodivergent transhumanism.