Planned Posts

In no particular order:

Richer Modeling:


  • “Thinking isn’t Magic: the Mechanisms of Knowledge”
  • “STEM-Supremacy: Hyperlinearization Beyond Reason”
  • “Incentive structures, Emergent Malice, and Class Consciousness”
  • “Analogical Explanation: Ad-hoc Justifications Not Logical Decisions”
  • “Crystal Towers and Localized Knowing”
  • “Associative vs Relational Conceptualizations of What an Engineer Do”


  • “Which ‘Engineering’, Specifically?”
  • “A Matter of Expressivity: Math, Language, and Epistimology”
  • “Ascending the Ladder of Complexity: Society as Heterogeneous Multiagent Systems”
  • “The Importance of Societal Frameworks: Autonomy-less Autonomous Auto Engineering”
  • “Introducing the Societal Oncology Project”
  • “The Necessity of Diversity”
  • “Vibration, Parsing, Communication, and Constructed Internal Meaning”

Engineers As Minions

  • “Engineers Made the World How It Is”
  • “Fields Are Made Up: Myopic Specialization and Replaceable Parts”
  • “Effective Altruism’s Effective Avarice”
  • “Deep Learning Is Bad and It Should Feel Bad”

Cultivating Liberated Engineers

  • “Why Most Impossible Problems Are Already Solved”
  • “Socially-conscious Engineering Education & Practice”
  • “A Hypothetical Engineering0 Bachelors Curriculum”
  • “Learn By Liberating: Anarchocommunist STEM Outreach”
  • “Intro to the Politics of Materials: Sourcing, Recycling, Harvesting”
  • “Scoping Societal Influence of the Automator”

Engineering0 In Practice

  • “Radical Neurodiverse Transhumanism: Respecting Autonomy”
  • “Functional Fixedness: Anticapitalist Applications of Capitalist Artifacts”
  • “Design for Sustainability By Incentive Structure Engineering”
  • “Ex Nihlo: Infrastructure From Trash”
  • “Engineering0 Design Proposal Proposal: Scoping Artifacts With Intersectional Fiction”

In Light of Science0

  • “Science0 and Chaos: Bounded Knowability”
  • “Fixed Points of Pan-disciplinary Rich Modeling”
  • “The Empathy Bifurcation: Choosing How to Live”

Pieces I Cannot Write

I’d love to see an investigation by somebody with much more relevant knowledge than I have on the following topics:

  • “White Men Coopting Inclusivity for their Careers”, “a ‘Recolonization’ of Institutional Inclusion”
  • “Term Dilution and Defanging on a Cultural Scale”
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